Adding Deck to Course Galllery

If you are a member of a Haiku Deck Classroom, you may submit decks to the Course Gallery Page from your user profile page. The Course Gallery page allows the Classroom account owner (usually the teacher) to view any decks submitted to in one convenient location. The Course Gallery is only visible to the teacher unless s/he shares the link to that page. The link to the Classroom Gallery is available to the educator from the Classroom management page.

Only students added by the educator to the Classroom account may submit decks to the Course Gallery. 

To add a deck to the gallery from the web app, students must follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Look for the green 'Add to Course' button
  3. Click and choose the Course Gallery from the drop down menu

Students may remove a deck from the Course Gallery by de-selecting it from the same menu. Students may also set deck privacy to private which will remove the deck from the Course Gallery.

To add a deck to the gallery from the iOS app, students must follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the latest version of the Haiku Deck iPad or iPhone app downloaded from iTunes App Store
  2. Click the share icon in the top right corner 
  3. Click Classroom in the box that appears. The courses for which the student is a member will be shown in the menu that pops up.
  4. Choose the course where you would like to post the presentation.

Students may also share decks to other LMS systems like Google Classroom, Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, etc. by using the share feature within the app.

***NOTE: Be careful, when you're in the editor, copying the URL from the address bar will not work. You have to use the copy link feature found in the share box. This is explained in detail in this article


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