Using Wikipedia and Haiku Deck Zuru to Automatically Create a Presentation

A new feature of Haiku Deck Zuru lets you enter a Wikipedia topic and automatically convert it into a presentation. To do this, we use Artificial Intelligence to help you summarize the content. Then we provide an outline for you to review and edit. Then Zuru will help you to match background images to each slide before showing you a draft of the presentation. If you're not already a Haiku Deck subscriber, and you like what you get back, you'll be invited to pay in order to save and further edit the finished product-either in Haiku Deck or in a .pptx file that you can download. Here are the steps:

  • Enter your topic in the box that says 'search Wikipedia' and click GO
  • Choose the presentation length using the slider bar. Short setting will give you a very short outline with about 5 key points. Medium will give you up to around 30 slides, depending on the length of the Wikipedia article. Long will give you as many as 50 slides, depending on the length of the Wikipedia article. 


  • Edit the outline as needed, being careful to make sure that the summarization didn't leave out important details. 
  • Click the Wikipedia button to open the Wikipedia article in a new window so you can reference the original content if you wish.
  • After you're done editing your outline, scroll down and click the continue button to select images for each slide. You can also choose sold background colors for your slides by clicking the sold background button. (shown in the short video below)

  • Next, Zuru will ask you to pick backgrounds for each slide. You can choose images or solid colors as shown below. If you don't like any of the options or if you want to use your own images, you can add or edit these choices later on using the Haiku Deck editor if you decide to save your work.

  • After you pick an image tag or enter a search term, Zuru will present background image options for you

  • When you're done selecting backgrounds for your slide, Zuru will show you a preview of your presentation. To save these into Haiku Deck for further editing and/or to download as a .pptx or .pdf, you will be prompted to either subscribe or pay a one-time fee.
  • Once the deck moves from Zuru to the Haiku Deck editor, you can edit the slide types, change backgrounds to other images (including your own images), share an online version of the presentation, and download as .pptx or .pdf. 


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