Automatically Converting an Outline to a Presentation with Haiku Deck Zuru

A new feature of Haiku Deck Zuru lets you convert a simple outline automatically (automagically?) into a presentation. By using Zuru's outline feature, users typically save between 50-90% of the time that it normally takes to turn an idea into a professional-looking presentation. Follow the steps below to get going.

  1. To get started, just click the outline option on Zuru. Then either type or copy/paste your outline from a document, Evernote, OneNote, or other note-taking app.
  2. After you're done editing your outline, scroll down and click the continue button to select images for each slide. You can also choose sold background colors for your slides by clicking the sold background button.
  3. When you're done selecting backgrounds for your slide, Zuru will show you a preview of your presentation. To save these into Haiku Deck for further editing and/or to download as a .pptx or .pdf, you will be prompted to either subscribe or pay a one-time fee.
  4. Once the deck moves from Zuru to the Haiku Deck editor, you can edit the slide types, change backgrounds to other images (including your own images), share an online version of the presentation, and download as .pptx or .pdf. 







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